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Tuesday, April 15


* The school will be participating in Choral Speaking 2008 around June or July. So, I as one of the English teacher need to train the students. What's the title will be? I won't tell =D It will be a suprised!

* I have to stay at school to keep an eye for the students that will be joining Khemah Ibadat. I am still not being used of being a teacher so I was thinking that I need to join the camp. It was otherwise! I need to remind myself that I goes to the school everyday not as a student anymore *keep that in mind!*

* ~~~~


syuhada said...

why? u still have all those learning spirits in u? haha...

are a teacher now... teacher teacher teacher... keep that in mind..

prinzcy said...

it so hard, u better it then you'll know :P mentality issue~~~