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Sunday, April 13


* My computer has that problem again and I managed to fix it! Yeah! This is my first time repairing hardware problem (that area that I am sux at!) I moved one step further!

* My Buddy Program didn't goes as well as I hope it would be but it still ended well. Teaching teachers is different from teaching students. Teachers knows a lot and ask a lot. To be honest, I'm sux! I didn't managed to answer simple question like "Why using 'dis' not 'un' when it comes to the word 'honest'?" I wonder what my students think of me?


syuhada said...

answer from not-TESL-educate-person, that's the language rules... we enherit it like since never... how should i know why use 'dis' and not 'un'... :p

prinzcy said...

I already did and they didn't accept the answer. To make things worst, there is x-english teacher in there and he said something about there is explanation is Form 1 textbook. I did take a look and I didn't found it.

In the end, I have to ask a senior teacher and she said 'dis' were used on abstract nouns like honest because honest can be feel but can't be touch or count.

~sigh *I just figured that after this years old studying English*

syuhada said...

after you mentioned, then i know... haha..

they should just let you go, didnt u think so? u are just a replacement/temporary (whichever suite u) teacher who dont has teaching education background. give some break, will they...
i think, they actually knew the answer, just wanted to test your knowledge, that's all..

but at least this can be a good experience for u.. at least now we know why use 'dis' and not 'un' :p

prinzcy said...

actually, they didn't know. the ones that i'm teaching are sc and math teachers (including the x-english teachers)

but yeah, you're right! now we know the different!