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Friday, April 11


* Blackout kept occurs lately. Power shortage? Or the state can't pay the bills? Whatever it is, it really is sux! I have to shut down my computer everytime it happens. Luckily I have UPS by now or I have to face bigger issue like a real repair to my CPU due to sudden shutdown.

* I want to buy a digital camera so I can take photo and upload them easily. So now there's another addition to my Wish List.


pizet77 said...

i buy first then you...
i plan to buy a digital camera too...hehe

syuhada said...

i'm not sure if somewhere at kedah do have fotozoom. there is always digital camera sales/promotion with nice price (i mean cheap for a brand like canon or olympus with good specifications). so, if kedah do have such shop, go and check it out, syida.

prinzcy said...

fotozoom? i don't think there is one here.

btw, why should i queue to buy one my dear sister?