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Thursday, April 10


* I will be involving with a Inter-School Forum Contest for Padang Terap/Pendang district this coming Monday. I didn't know whether I will be going to the competition place as well (transport issue~~typical~~) and I didn't do anything for that contest as well. First, it was short noticed! I was informed that I am replacing a teacher for that. Second, since it already near the competition date, they already prepared everything.

* I think my astores were deindexed from search sites. I need to submit them all over again...

* My house is being infected by marriage bugs. They were crawling everywhere leaving the air tingling with their excitement. I think this symptom won't be cureable until next year.

* I am not scary enough, that's the first time I've been told such things. So, they want to see the real me?


syuhada said...

marriage bugs? of who? pz and your brother, is it? :p

and, what do you mean by 'they want to see the real me'? someone or a group of people want to see u? who are they? in-laws-family-to-be? wah~~~~~~~~~~~~

tell your mother, she can do the kenduri for 3 couples in 1 event... :)

prinzcy said...

of course pz and my bro, i have nothing to do with this!

there's no way i am getting marriage on this short period, i haven't found a groom!

syuhada said...

u didnt answer my question my dear friend....

what do you mean by 'they want to see the real me'? who are 'they'?

i insist to know, even if this is not an important thing.. :)

prinzcy said...

they are my students! you must be thinking of something...clear your mind, it's not what you think.