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Sunday, March 9


* The opposition party won at my state. Now Kedah is an association with Kelantan! Actually, it doesn't make any different to me who win and who lose, I just want someone that can lead (and that came from someone that doesn't vote :p) Let see what the difference will be in the next four year. By that time, I think I am already a registered voter!

* I found a site that enlist links to watch tv shows or movies online free, which is pretty cool since I've been looking for these for days. I'm not going to put the link here, if you want it just msg me.

* I wonder who will be the next Kerja Raya minister now that Sammy Velu has lost...


syuhada said...

at first, i surprised myself. but my housemate said, before may be most of his voters came from the elder generations. now most had passed away, leave the younger generations who had enough of his 34 years of 'dinasty'.

then i think, may be for good sake because now we can change a minister for the kementerian kerja raya. :) new person may be can bring something new and better.

but rafidah still win. so we can expect she will continue to be the minister for her ministry.

a lot of surprises in this PRU-12. i didnt vote as i didnt come back to perlis.

prinzcy said...

I think so as well, maybe the new minister can build something that doesn't demolish half way or after completed.

Shahrizat also lost as well, that was suprising for me considering she has proven that she's capable doing her job. I wonder who will be the next wanita & masyarakat minister? Izzah? She has to prove herself or going down in the next four yrs.

Forget about them, I wonder whether we doesn't have to pay our toll now that PAS has won over Kedah and DAP over PP (PAS said so in their manifesto, that and include other promises)

syuhada said...

u have toll at kedah?

which toll?

if PLUS toll, that out of case, i think..

prinzcy said...

I know it's out of case. But since they manage to say it freely, I want to see it been done.