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Monday, March 31


* I've been given lots of children and they were all 17 years old. I think most of the boys are bigger than me (considering I'm just 5'1) Confuse? Well, I've appointed as a class teacher for one of the form 5 class starting tomorrow. I haven't check my kids yet but I plan to do so tomorrow. Imagine, me with big kids ^o^

* What happen to esnips? It keep shown maximum bandwidth eventhough I didn't download anything for days. Another site with bugs crawling?

* Zaila, how are you? Haven't heard from you for a while!!!

* It just me or things has gotten more expensive after the recent election?

* Syuhada, what happen to your plan to buy a car? What car do you want to buy anyway? Has the insurance company 'paid' you? It has been a while, isn't it? They ought to pay you by now. Was it Takaful?

* So many issues....meeting adjourned!


syuhada said...

syida with big kids? i imagine either u will bully them (in order to highlight to them u are a teacher so give me some respect), or the other way around..

i have a few cars listed in my fav list (that include those i totaly cant afford like mini cooper, vw beetle, swift :p), but at the end, i will choose the cheapest of course. haha... may be will consider viva or myvi. see how first. my 1st brother insist me to get new proton (because it's the cheapest and big), but i not really fond that car.. i think i'll stick to either viva or myvi, whichever suite my budget..

no, my insurance not takaful, but uniasia. it turned out that the bank not responded to insurance since last year october, made my claim pending for so long. last week i 'bising2' to insurance and the bank, now they got move. but still i have to wait, may be until next month..

u know me... not that type of 'bising2' kind of person... :p

prinzcy said...

not sure about the bully part, i don't even have class with them.

myvi looks like van and viva look like a myvi jr, make your pick.

uniasia? better avoid that company then.

something it help to bising- bising, even i hv to do that.