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Sunday, March 23


* Pz has her own blog and seems eager to blog for now. It's entitled My Cup of Mocha Latte and I help to build the blog *bragging with a smug face :p*

* An agent for magazines come to school and offered a couple of magazines' subscritions for cheaper price (kind of...) I am interested with two years of Reader's Digest at RM269 that I quickly applied for it. I can't never get that at ordinary stores. Plus, I get another magazine subscription free for a year. If you want one, you can contact me. I'll introduce you to him.

* I finished marking my students' papers and suprisingly (or I shouldn't be) only a few passed. I don't know what I should do to them. It takes more than hard effort to help them. I should make them more interested in studying.

* I want to change the layout...