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Saturday, March 8


* Today's event :

1) Malaysia's 12th Voting Day.

Almost all Malaysian will go out to the voting center to vote today (the left out will be the ones that can't vote and unregistered people) Things will be pretty havoc today, so it is best if I don't go out to the town at all. I don't like excited and havoc crowd. Pz will be busy today since she become a KTM.

2) International Women's Day

It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. I would appreciate if I received a gift for today but I don't think lots of people aware of this day. Ah well...

* From yesterday till 15/03/08, I will be on school holiday (sound like I'm still schooling!) I can use this period to enhance my grammar and add some amount to my Paypal account.



syuhada said...

KTM? keretapi tanah melayu....

what is KTM? please dont use acronym like that, people (specifically me) will start imagining thing....

prinzcy said...

If it got something to do with voting then KTM means Ketua Tempat Mengundi :D