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Saturday, March 1


* My late father's birthday is today.

* News recently said that any downloading from the Internet will be track down using the downloader's isp. First of all, this issues of downloading and uploading stuff really makes me confuse. I don't get it about what we can share and what we can't share. Some stuff claim to have copyright and some stuff doesn't. How are we supposed to know which we can download and what doesn't? Really, I always think if the stuff is there, just take it (download it!) Hmmm.....

* I did learnt to drive pz's car yerterday. After didn't drive for a while, I really sux at it! But the good thing is there's no more shifting the gear! At least I can control it. But I can tell pz is a bit bored due to my 20 km/h driving (she's yawning!)

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syuhada said...

may be we have to check first if the stuff is copyrighted or not...

and takes time for sure.

but i think if the site has big name like celcom or bluehyppo, may be downloading is ok as they provide the service. i think they already handle the issue..

about your driving, it went the same to me that time when i first got my late-kancil and had not driving for years...
masa pertama kali berlatih semula tu, melelong-lelong kereta aku bawak.. :p

but practice makes perfect. u just have to just keep driving, just keep driving, just keep driving driving, what do we do, we drivinggg... (all of sudden i remember the song dory sing in finding nemo, i changed swimming to driving hihihi...)

of course u cannot speed yet.. u dont want to tanggung the cost right...

hey go! hey go!

prinzcy said...

ha ha, i know. if i bump into something, i may have to pay all the cost to fix it (including the one that wasn't cost by me :p)