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Friday, February 22

Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial 2008

Here's for you Syuhada. BTW, I placed most of the funny vids that I found in my Funny Video Blog, you may found more there.


syuhada said...

akhirnya, budak jahat tu tak dapat coca-cola tu..

yg dapat ialah budak baik (kot..)

aku baru tengok VC ni hari ni, semalam sibuk sikit. tak dan..

prinzcy said...

i'm not sure about the budak baik as well, who is he anyway?

syuhada said...

have seen that character somewhere, but i dont remember..

but for sure, the budak jahat is budak jahat. the way he talked, i feel like to kick him.

prinzcy said...

tp aku suka bdk jahat tu :p i never know a kid that can talk lik that.