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Monday, February 4


* So, I will teach at SMK Pedu. In other word, that sux!

It's not like I have problem with the school but it's the location. It is so far away from home and I have to get up so early to go there.

* I made my first sale with CJ *leap of overjoy*

Finally! I don't have to worry about receiving 'boot' from CJ for no sale.

* ~~~~


syuhada said...

how u will go there? bus? motor? kereta..... ambil kereta pz. hehehe..(gelak jahat) since she lives so near to her office she just walks there.

prinzcy said...

by car but not pz's

1 - no way she would lend me her car :p, not even in a million years.

2 - she doesn't live there anymore, it something to do with spooky place and security issue

I took a ride with another office mate who happen to live nearby. I just hope he will give me a ride until I got my own (before you start having fancy thought, he's married and his daughter also tag along, she's a student there)

syuhada said...

oo.. i just about to have 'fancy thought' for u until u spoil it..

but, it's ok. u still can be second wife.. hahaha

prinzcy said...

second wife? *urgh* let me go somewhere to clear my mind...

i'm thankful for the ride but there's no way i would repay him that way.