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Sunday, February 3


* Finally, I've finished the 2000 games copy and paste job. I'm a bit tired.... I'll be careful not to accept such big (I'm out of word) task in the future. Actually, the task isn't hard but to many trouble arise during completing the task and I am a bit annoyed. Anyway, I have already accept a new task and already start this morning.

* My sis already start working today. She rent a room in a building just across the street of her office. I think she's in heaven. She can wake up late for work :p

* The result for teacher's interview come today. So, I pass. There's a good and bad side to this.

The Good

= My Diploma defeat result the ones with Degree qualification... That is too amazing!

The Bad

= I'm sux at teaching...


syuhada said...

advanced comment:

wow, so you are a teacher now..
i'm so impress!!

syida sensei... er, no, that if u teach japanese. teacher syida.. i hope u wont bully your students-will-be and slow down your speech.. hihi

best of luck!!

prinzcy said...

I can't help it, I've been talking like this for all my life :p

I prefer to be call syida sensei, it sound cooler!