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Saturday, February 16


* Dead tired after a trip back from Kelantan. I'm finally home!!! It feel so good to be home especially after my mom managed to make us lost trice on our way back. Well, not really lost but she made us take the long way and going in circle. Lesson learnt : never rely solely on my mom when travelling.

* I think I'll start teaching tomorrow since the Sport's Day is over now. I really have no idea on how to teach and I'm not prepared. I need to do some research before settle in today.


syuhada said...

cikgu syida,

apa khabar kelas hari ni?

sudah ice-breaker ke?

all the best!!

syuhada said...

lupa nak tanya,

pergi kelantan jalan-jalan ke?

prinzcy said...

pergi kelantan for kenduri, a long distant relative marriage (wait, he's not even related to me!) I'll start real class tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

mengundi x?


prinzcy said...

no, miss the chance to register,another 4 yrs (too bad)

syuhada said...

i have registered, but not sure if i want to come back or not...

maka, satu undi akan berkurangan dengan ketidakbalikkan aku ke kampung..

er, make it two, since u are not registered too..