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Tuesday, February 12


* School still busy preparing for Sport's Day that will be held tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to attend a community event tomorrow. I have no idea what it is but what I know it involve food.

The Good

= Oh, goodie! Food!
= I don't have to be in the hot weather (I hate to sweat remember?)

The Bad

= I want to watch the Sport's Day (the students looks cute and small - the Form 1 is anyway...)
= Transport issue.

* I have settled all the nessecary documents for my job admission. I think I'll be teaching Form 1 and 2. I have no problem with except that they want me to teach Malay Language! Me! Malay Language! *sigh*sigh*sigh*

* I think I still can hang on.


syuhada said...

i thought u will be teaching english.. teaching bahasa? say goodbye to 'bahasa rojak' syida dear.. :p

u have to use proper verbs and nouns from now on..

prinzcy said...

I will be teaching English, that's for sure but it's the Malay Language that they want to add. Not just 'rojak', I'm not really good when it come to Malay.

Nah, I still can use Malaylish. If I speak full English, the (students) won't understand. We have to remember, their English standard might be different. I need to do ice-breaker in my first class.

syuhada said...

apa tu ice-breaker?

prinzcy said...

sesi perkenalan

syuhada said...