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Wednesday, January 23

Heath Ledger Dies

It's been announced that this star of Brokeback Mountain and A Knight Tale is dead. I was suprised actually. He's not Britney to begin with, if he is then I know why he does that. Some report presummed that he commited suicide. Why does young talentful actor commited suicide??? (that remind me, Jonathan Brandis also commited suicide and he's my all time favorite Hollywood actor beside Johnny Depp)

Well, I guess people have their own trouble that we doesn't know. His death is a loss to the Hollywood film industry.

for more story : Heath Ledger Dies


syuhada said...

i dont know this guy..

i almost forgot (near to not knowing, i might say) jonathan brandis also died.. :P

i used to like to see him too, in.. what that series called? forgot.. :P

prinzcy said...

It's Seaquest DSV. I found the DVD on Amazon, I might buy that when I have enough credit there.

Dear, this guy is pretty famous actually but maybe you didn't watch his movie.