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Thursday, January 31


* I am getting different data from my feedburner stat and live traffic feed, Feedjit that I am using at the corner. The record from feedburner shown visitors from different countries that visit various topic. However, the data from Feedjit doesn't have any of those visitors. I wonder whether other users' blog were like this too?

* The interview that I mentioned before...wasn't really an interview. It's more like seminar or something. What a waste of time...

* Dunia Baru The Movie will be released this 2nd Febuary. I wanna watch it \^o^/ I think the pirate will hit the bay real soon (if you get what I meant) Here's the OST from the movie, Milikku by Duta (ah, another underground band)


syuhada said...

interview turned out to be a seminar? what job is that? jualan langsung ke?

ps: i think it's quite some time your blog dont have entertainment, i mean a clip like this...

ps2: ang minat dunia baru ke? syida tengok cerita melayu mcm ni?
respond syida: what is that suppose to mean? ang ingat aku x tgk crita melayu... (aku rasa la..)

'_'v pis!!!

prinzcy said...

No, that's for MID Manager that I told you about.

Come to think of it, it's been a while since I put on a clip here (now that you mentioned it) Actually I was lazy to write real post and I'm out of idea.

Yes I watch Dunia Baru. As long as a drama doesn't sux, I would watch it. I even watch Gol and Gincu and Spa Q (half of it)

^o^v pis too!!!