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Wednesday, February 20

I Also Received One From Etiqa ^.^

Pizet, I also received one!!!

Okay for those who had no clue, recently Pizet received checks from Etiqa. Something about them making profits and giving back to customers. I didn't understand, nor did I planned too. What I care was 'why I didn't received one?' Which I shamelessly asked her, not like she would be able to answer me. The mail came in like yesterday or the day before, and I also received a check. 

Syuhada, you also use Etiqa right? Did you got one? (or more?)

So anyone else who want to send me money for a reason or unknown reason, please don't hesitate to do so. They won't ask for it back right? Like that birthday wish.

I Finally Found You Song!

I've been searching for this particular background music used for an Animax promo:

Gosh, don't really care for the promo but luuuve that music! The thing was there was no credit to mention whose song was that. So after a while, thanks to the comments on Youtube, I finally found that song. It's Not Alone by Park Jung Min. There are two versions (that I found):

The real deal with English subtitles so we understand unless you speak Korean (took forever to load, connection sux)

or instrumental (which I preferred)

That promo designer (should I say graphic artist?) probably kpop fan.

Friday, February 8

Wah, Lucky Me~~~

Okay for those who know me, they would know, I am not that kind of person who would be lucky in anything. I won lucky draw once, only once. Can you believe it?

Anyway, I got two mails today and quite excited. I now live in a world where people would get excited over snail mails instead of emails. I got hundred of emails daily. I no longer excited but annoyed most of the time as half of them were spams, junks, whatever you name them. Someone need to give them (spammers) a piece of mind on:

1. We won't win lotteries especially when I never participate in one.
2. Someone won't just give me money because one person died and they need to transfer it.
3. I am not interested to buy anything especially viagra or any other pills.
4. I'll get rich without joining stupid scheme as obviously I won't if I join it.
5. If I don't have an account in any particular bank, there's no way my account would be block so there's no need for to reset the password using email.

Okay, back to the topic (ADHD much?) I received mails about debts most of them. I hardly received mails telling me I won anything. But this morning, I got two.

Wah, super excited!!!!

This was from Zoo Taiping. I won tickets for day and night entrance. I didn't expect to win anything when I filled the form back then. Pizet already claimed the day tickets. So this make my lucky draw wins to two.

Yup, it's BR1M. I received the RM250. What should I do with it? Pay debt.

Anymore lucky mails for me?

Tuesday, February 5

HIATUS (again)

So I was on hiatus again. Lots of things happened lately and so much to cope and handled. Formalnya ayat. Wah! Wah! Wah! Perasan cam ramai reader plak tu.

Despite me being busy and stuffs, Youtube and I started to bond nicely. Wahaha. So I found this video while Youtube-ing. Worth sharing and definitely worth to watch. Learn from it, okay?

Hopefully no more hiatus. Can't really promise that though. I need to prepare information for tax which is due in March.

Tuesday, December 4

Not WW Post (whatever~~~)

Received this card from Perodua Mergong. I almost reached Kuro's 10km service check now, probably that's why they send me this postcard (keep coming to us, we love you and your money) At first I thought it was raya card (even though it's not raya) or birthday wish like Etiqa once did during that one New Year and clearly it's not my birthday (later on, they apologized and did send the real one on my birthday, haha) This postcard got familiar faces on it if you're regular customer (by millage) to Perodua Mergong. I am touched, really, although they misspelled my address...

Thursday, November 1

Sungha Jung @Borneo

A musician that I subscribed on Youtube is coming to Borneo (so he said) this December. Actually, it's KK and Kuching to be specific. I am not a fan of him but his skill. I can play guitar, like making-noise-until-someone-comes-and-kill-me-for-hurting-their-ears kind of playing guitar so I see him as awesomely amazing.

You can check out his video at his channel at Youtube or watch videos below.

Monday, October 22

Quiet Day (Soon To Be Emo Day)

somehow this picture looks creepy...

Woke up this morning with hoarse voice and it's funny when I spoke. Actually I couldn't really spoke much as most words didn't came out correctly. I thought it would be best for me to let my throat rest a bit. I avoided speaking unless I really need to but it seemed like people couldn't leave me alone.

Even though I explained I didn't want to chat due to my throat's condition, some still wanted to engage with a chat. They kept asking questions and kept pestering me for replies. Even the telemarketer called me twice! WHY????'

Prinzcy is getting emo.

I already took tamarind juice and drank plenty of water. Maybe I'll try some of Syahira's Vitamin C pills tonight. Hopefully my voice would return to normal tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21

Finally Redeemed Something From Bonuslink

I actually didn't have much points at Bonuslink. What should I expect anyway? I only refill Kuro's fuel once a week for a round RM40, sometimes ever less. Kuro's a Viva, can't take more than that.

So my Bonuslink's points (which I got each time I swapped the time when I paid for the fuel) was around 3000 or so. Actually I never redeemed anything ever since I signup at Bonuslink. The thing is, some points expired each month. It's wasted for nothing!

I decided to try On-The-Spot at the gas station but the staff was so complicated. In the end, I went to Bonuslink's site to see what I could get. It's not for 3000 points or less but at least I managed to get something.
Tupperware and Water Bottle

They used up 1600 points as both items were paired up and part of Points Knock Down. You would say, "What? Just that!" At least my points were spend on something.  It was also considered as free stuff, even though I did pay for the fuel.

BTW, the delivery was pretty fast. I redeemed on 10th of October. The package arrived yesterday. I might redeemed something else again.